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Friday, June 11, 2004

Reagan begins ‘blog’ from Heaven

Former United States President Ronald Reagan, who died June 5 after suffering for long from Alzheimer’s disease, has begun ‘blogging’ from Heaven.
The former Hollywood star with a cowboy image was said to be bored and thus decided to start a weblog.
On arrival at Heaven’s gates, God himself welcomed him, as St Peter was said to be too low down the line to welcome a former US President.
With no horses, Hollywood or White House in Heaven, Reagan was hit by boredom within minutes of his arrival.
Zaki Ansari, an Indian who surfs the Internet literally 24 hours a day/night, discovered the ‘blog’ and confirmed that it was by the former President, with the internet provider’s address indicating Heaven.
‘Yeah, he confirmed that fact in a conversation (official Gmail term for email) with me,’ Ansari said.
‘Blogging’ is a craze that has hit the Internet world, with people posting their thoughts and providing links to interesting articles they notice.
One of Reagan’s posts speaks of the cool time he is having in God’s kingdom.
Another spoke of his meeting with former dictator and ‘my dearest buddy’ Idi Amin.
In yet another post, he thanked the world for their condolences and joked, ‘Hey guys, just come up here. It’s one helluva place!’
Reagan’s blog can be visited at ronaldreagan.blogspot.com


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