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Monday, May 17, 2004

Mel Gibson plans The Passion of the Devil

Mel Gibson is not giving up after the unprecedented success of his film The Passion of the Christ. He will now make The Passion of the Devil.

The filmmaker admitted that soon after he made The Passion of the Christ, he had a dream. The Devil, he revealed, appeared to him in a dream and spoke to him for about an hour.

Gibson refused to reveal details on their discussion in his dream. But sources close to very reliable sources that are very close to Gibson said that the Devil is said to have requested the star to make a film on him.

Gibson, unwilling to make enemies either in Heaven or Hell, is said to have agreed to the project in principle.

Shooting is likely to begin in Iraq, soon after the fighting ends there. A proposal to shoot live in Hell was turned down by Gibson after the Devil rejected a request for air-conditioning on the sets.

Gibson, who is now said to have been converted, reportedly screamed recently at a fan who congratulated him on the success of his movie on Christ, 'To hell with you!!!''
Top film critics said this clearly implied his conversion to Satanism.

Expenses for The Passion of the Devil will be nil for Gibson, as the Devil is said to be totally sponsoring the project.


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