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Thursday, May 13, 2004

AOL to offer 1,000 GB of Email storage for free

Gmail, watch out, here comes AOL. What Gmail can do, AOL can do better.

After Gmail announced April 1 this year that it would offer from 1 GB of free email storage in its new email service, AOL today announced it would offer 1,000 GB of free email storage from April 1, 2005.

Beta testing for AOL's new offer is on. Experts said it would zip all email archived, and would unzip it when the subscriber wants to read it. With that, it will save precious server space.

All active AOL subscribers are being offered beta testing of the new service.

Some subscribers we spoke to over the telephone said the service was 'superb!'
An AOL spokesman said, 'With Gmail you can save all mail in a lifetime. With AOL's new service, you will be able to save all mail of 100 lifetimes.'

Gmail was unavailable for comment. Repeated calls to the Gmail headquarters drew this automated reply: This route is busy. Please try again after some time. In the meantime, Google!'


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