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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Bush tortures Rumsfeld: Exclusive photos!

United States President George W Bush summoned his Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to the White House and tortured him for nearly an hour May 9.

Stunning photographs of the torture are being circulated across the Arab world.
Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, in a reaction secretly smuggled out to Al Jazeera television, is learned to have stated: ‘Rumsfeld deserved it. I wish I could have joined Mr Bush in the torture!’

Bush is said to have repeatedly taunted Rumsfeld during that hour in a toilet in the White House. He used a leather whip to get Rumsfeld to bend on his knees and plead, ‘Don’t, Sir. Don’t, Sir. I will never do it again all alone. The next time we do it, I will definitely invite you!’

One photograph has National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, in military uniform, standing beside a battered Rumsfeld, who was near-naked.

Secretary of State Colin Powell is said to have walked out soon after the torture began, saying, ‘This place truly stinks!’

In an exclusive satellite television arrangement with BBC World, British Prime Minister Tony Blair is said to have watched the torture live.

Later, White House emergency medical staff reportedly rushed Rumsfeld to a secret private hospital, where he is recovering.

Bush has ordered a high-level inquiry into how news of the torture leaked out.

If anyone wants exclusive post-card prints of the torture, free of cost, please email me at anthonydcosta@gmail.com with your real name, address, day time telephone number and clearly mention sex. Remember, the photographs are graphic!


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