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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Greenpeace award for Bush

Greenpeace has presented the United States President George W Bush the Environmentalist of the Century Award at a function at the White House on Sunday.
The international organization said the award was presented as Bush had always encouraged the growth of bushes globally, and especially in the White House.
The Bush Administration’s policy on environment has also been acclaimed worldwide as being eco-friendly.
Bush is known to gift a bush to any world leader he visits him at the White House or Camp David. Even when he visits any country, Bush always carries along a bush, which he gifts to the leader of that country.
His by now famous comment, when presenting the gift is, ‘By George!’
All the world leaders, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair, have named the bushes ‘George’.
Greenpeace was said to be greatly impressed with this act of George Bush and then decided to create the award especially for the President.
A statement from Greenpeace said, ‘The world has the wrong impression that the US President George Bush is known for engaging in bush wars across the universe. He is, in fact, a lover of greenery and wildlife. For this we honor him, the greatest love of peace.’


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