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Monday, May 24, 2004

CNN plans Larry King Dead

CNN announced today that it would soon launch a show to be called Larry King Dead.
The program would have star host Larry King interview stars from the past, who have died.
The logistics have nearly been worked out, a CNN spokesperson said. AT&T is said to be finalizing the network needed for linking up Heaven and Hell to Earth.
One of the first personalities King is likely to interview on his new show will be Jesus Christ. The choice comes as the controversial movie The Passion of the Christ is making headlines all over the world. The Devil is said to be lobbying hard to be featured on the inaugural show, but CNN top guns are said to be resisting.
Other top personalities lined up include Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi.
King said it would not be a problem locating the personalities, as most of them would be in Heaven.
The program, true to its name, will be telecast in the dead of the night, in the United States.
CNN refused to say whether Larry King Live would continue.


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