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Monday, May 17, 2004

Blogging to be banned

So called 'blogging' will be banned from June 1, 2004. Most world governments have agreed in principle to the ban and are busy consulting international legal experts and geeks on working out modalities for the ban, which they termed 'an evil'.

The ban plan follows an international campaign launched against blogs by many editors. The World Editors Guild said nowadays most journalists only blogged and never worked.

Guild President Nikhil Lakshman, who is the editor of rediff.com and the India Abroad newspaper said most of his senior editorial staff did nothing but blog the whole day and night. ''It is affecting work. blogging must be banned.''

Lakshman is said to have written to United States President George W Bush and convinced him about the ban.

Bush reportedly replied to Lakshman, ''Yes, I agree with you. These bloggers do nothing but speak evil about the United States of America. They have conned many editors into taking fake photographs of American and British troops in Iraq too. Some day they will clog the world with blogs if we don't ban them now.''
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said, ''I totally agree with Mr Bush.''

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said, ''If Bush supports the ban, I too support it. The UN always believes in doing what is good for the world.''
Top bloggers were unavailable for comment as they were busy blogging.


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