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Thursday, June 10, 2004

All-white, all-black newspapers soon

Media tycoons in the United Kingdom and South Africa have planned an all-white newspaper and all-black newspaper respectively.
Though the tycoons' names have not been released, details of the top secret newspaper projects have started filtering out.
First to be launched will be the all-white newspaper. The newspaper will be printed on white paper with white ink, sources said.
The tabloid, to be published from London, will be circulated around the world, only to Whites.
It will have an all-White staff: from publisher, down to editor, sub-editors and office staff, including distributors.
The newspaper boys who will deliver the tabloid will also be only White.
Subscribers will informed over the telephone on how they can read the newspaper.
Sources close to the project allayed potential readers’ fears about how they would be able to read a newspaper with white paper and white ink, and said there was technology to handle that problem but refused to reveal details.
Not to be outdone, Blacks in South Africa have planned a similar project, except that all things white will be replaced by black.
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch while denying a role in any of the two projects, welcomed them. 'Now, at least, people will be able to read the news in black and white,' he said in a statement.
Pop star Michael Jackson, contacted at a secret location, condemned the projects as racist and said, 'It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White.'
The newspapers have tentatively been named The White News and The Black News.


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