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Sunday, May 30, 2004

The New York Times plans Iraq edition

The New York Times announced it will start an edition from Iraq as early as next week.
A Times spokesman said, 'We thought it better to start an edition from where the action is, rather than report news from second-hand sources and then apologise 10 months down the line,'
The edition will come cheaper for the Times, as all reporters and sub-editors will be local recruits.
Printing staff will also be all local residents.
First preference, the spokesman said, would be given to former staff of Iraqi newspapers that were pro-Saddam Hussein.
The Times sees a tremendous potential for readership in Iraq, especially with the United States troops stationed there.
Local residents are happy with the Times' unbiased coverage of the war in Iraq and will definitely welcome the newspaper.
With a full-fledged edition, the Times hopes to get its facts right on the war in Iraq, the spokesman added.
The resident editor's post, the spokesman claimed, would be finalised in a day or two. Sources within the Times organisation said its former reporter Jayson Blair was being considered for the top post.
Iraq administrator Paul Bremmer, with his vast experience in the country, will be a special adviser to the Times project.


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