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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Al Qaeda beheads Bush

The Al Qaeda has claimed that it has beheaded United States President George W Bush.
The Al Jazeera television network said it had a video of the beheading but refused to air it.
A worldwide hunt is underway for the killers and the President’s body.
Unconfirmed reports said a headless body had been found in a rice field near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency said they were yet to confirm the identity of the body.
The terrorist organization said the US President was beheaded in retaliation against the killing and torture of hundreds of Iraqi citizens and the illegal occupation of Iraq.
The President had repeatedly vowed to break the back of the terrorist organization, which he blamed for 9/11 and subsequent attacks in various parts of the world, aimed at countries involved in the global war against terrorism.
World leaders, including French President Jacques Chirac, have condemned the killing.
‘I have lost a very close and personal friend,’ he told French television.
Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, who is being held by the US authorities at an undisclosed location, told Al Jazeera that he would stake claim to return to Iraq and would also contest the coming American presidential election.
He said the Americans would elect him with an overwhelming majority. ‘I love you, America! Long live America,’ he said.
Vice President Dick Cheney has assumed all the responsibilities of the President and a state of emergency has been declared in the US.
Meanwhile, news was coming in that a senior Al Qaeda leader had trimmed many overgrown bushes in his frontyard, at a secret location.


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