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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ford to gift 1 million invisible cars

Ford Motors plans to manufacture 1 million invisible cars by early next year. The limited edition vehicles will be given away on a priority basis to morons, illiterate people, gangsters, scamsters and corrupt politicians.
Others wanting to own one of the prized vehicles will have to visit a web site it has specially created and dedicated to this modern day marvel.
The web site has half a question, which has to be answered everyday, till the day of the car’s official launch. The half question will remain unchanged but to qualify to win the prize, one has to visit the site everyday, again till the car’s official launch.
The cars will be visible only to its owners.
No other details were available on the till now top secret project, which is bound to shakeup the car industry.
Rival car manufacturers refused to comment.
Secretaries to five CEOs of top car makers said their bosses were out on the road, driving, and could not take calls.
To coincide with the invisible car, Shell officially announced an invisible gas, on which the cars will run.
The web site to be visited daily is: The Ford Invisible Car


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