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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Google to shut down Gmail

Google confirmed that it will shut down its beta Gmail email service in July.
In emails sent out to its high-end users, it stated that it could not keep up with the number of subscriptions and advised them to avoid using the entire 1 GB it was offering as storage space.
In a related and shocking development, which is being seen as a slap in the face for Google, an Indian based portal is offering 1 GB email storage space for free.
www.rediff.com is now technically the first to offer 1 GB email storage space, as Gmail is still under testing.
Gmail said that due to a bug, invites were being sent out, though the servers could not cope with the traffic.
Yahoo, which also upgraded it service to offer 100 MB has been hit twice by server problems.
Google said it would quit the email business and would search for fresh options to invest the millions of dollars it has.
A source said that many of the invites Gmail had sent out to its subscribers were lying by the waysides of cyberspace and street corners.
One Gmail user confirmed, 'I saw invites, which could easily total up to 1 GB, lying around, unused.'
Some Gmail users said they had already started moving important mail to other email accounts.
Others said they were using Google to search for other free email options.


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