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Thursday, June 17, 2004

WWF plans newspaper for animals

The World Wildlife Fund has announced plans for a special newspaper for animals.
The free newspaper will take about a year to launch but dry runs are on.
There will be special editions dogs, cats, horses, cows and even pandas.
To be published by Rupert Murdoch, it will have animal-related advertisements.
Simba, who starred in the Lion King movie series, is likely to be named the newspaper’s editor.
At a press conference deep inside an African jungle, Murdoch expressed confidence that the newspaper would be widely read. ‘We think animals are dumb creatures. They are not. They too want to read the news,’ the media baron stated.
‘As a bonus, Page 3 will feature a nude female animal everyday,’ Murdoch added.
The newspaper will use environment friendly newsprint, which can be easily digested by the animals after reading it.


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