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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Indian actress bills Clinton for sex

An Indian actress has claimed that former United States President Bill Clinton had sex with her and has not yet paid the bill.
The Bollywood (the Indian equivalent of Hollywood) star, who refused to be identified, said she would send across her bill and all documents to the United States Supreme Court after she filed a formal complaint at an American police station, for sexual exploitation and unpaid bills.
The proof, she said, included flight tickets, hotel bookings and steamy photographs.
The star said that Clinton had sex with her during his India visit March 2000.
On why she had held back her claim for nearly four years, she said that she did not want to tarnish the former President’s image.
‘He was such a sweetheart in bed. But, that #$@!^ has not paid me! He’d better pay me, with 20 percent interest,’ she said.
The actress said she was very upset that she was not mentioned in his just-released memoirs, My Life.
‘The least he could have done, was mention that he had sex with me,’ she said.
If Clinton refuses to pay the bill, and the court refuses to settle the case in her favor, she said she would release the steamy photographs to the web site www.memoryhole.org
The actress has played major roles in many Hindi movies in the late 1990s. For many years, no good, paying role has come her way, she said, admitting that she was in desperate need of money to maintain her lifestyle.


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