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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Israel wipes out Iran

A day after the Iranian President said Israel must be wiped out, the Jewish nation struck back and wiped out the Islamic country in a dramatic move that will surely have international ramifications.

Initial reports said Israel had fired 10 long range missiles at the country and totally destroyed it. Sources in Mossad had said the country was reduced to rubble after the attack, which was hard-hitting.

The sources said there was no chance of there being any survivor after the missile attack.

However, the White House said it was checking out the reports before President George W Bush could issue any condemnation or praise.

British intelligence sources had a totally different story to tell on the so-called attack. The sources said there was no such missile attack.

Instead, they said, the Israelis held a secret high level meeting where the word Iran was written in chalk on a huge blackboard. An Israeli troop then took a duster and wiped out the word from the blackboard and then proudly announced that Iran had been wiped out.

The sources said the initial reports were completely false and deliberate, and were meant to provoke the Islamic world to launch an attack against a peaceful Israel.

The British sources said the act of ‘wiping out’ Iran from the blackboard was symbolic and peaceful but was meant to show Iran that Israel meant serious business and would not tolerate any nonsense.

The Palestine authorities said they too would react only after confirming the reports. If the initial report was true, they said, they would wipe out Israel from a white board, at a secret ceremony at a secret location that will later be telecast on Al Jazeera worldwide.

Al Jazeera said its reporters were confirming all reports and would not telecast any rumours that could provoke further violence in the volatile region.

All news agencies, including Associated Press and Reuters also said they were confirming the reports of Iran being wiped out.

Ebay said it was trying to secure the historic duster the trooper used from the Israeli authorities, for auction on its site, if the report was true.

Google engineers said their search engines were yet to detect any reports on any attack by Israel on Iran.


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