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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Cruise liner sinks in Sahara desert

The world’s largest passenger cruise liner QE VIII sank in the Sahara desert, possibly killing all its 20,000 crew and 50 passengers.

The freak mishap occurred soon after the liner took a diversion, on advice from a lighthouse, following a severe storm in a passenger’s teacup.

Unfortunately, the cruiser encountered sinking sand in the desert.

Unconfirmed reports stated that the cruise captain deserted the ship, like a rat, minutes before it sank into the hot sand.

But the captain’s mistress, in a highly emotional statement from Dubai, said she was dead sure that her lover was among the victims.

Emergency rescue teams have been flown to the site to try and ensure the crew is safely evacuated.

Ecological experts have labeled the disaster ‘monstrous.’ The mishap will create a huge crater in the desert, an expert said. ‘The accident will leave a void which cannot be replaced.’

Private investigators believe that some prisoners from a nearby jail could have been digging a huge underground escape tunnel, which led to the unfortunate incident.

Most passengers are believed to be filthy rich Arabs who had just eaten their meals and were on to the deserts.

The media in the Gulf has blacked out news of the tragedy.


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