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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Sex guru invents Xes therapy

World famous sex guru Dhiraj Shetty has invented Xes, which he claims will solve all sex-related problems.

Contacted in India’s software capital Bangalore, all that the hardcore sex specialist said, when asked about his latest invention, was, ‘Bang, bang!!!’

Sources close to Shetty’s aides said Xes would make life problem-free and more enjoyable. They refused to reveal what exactly Xes was. They only said that their guru had contacted the United Nations International Child Education Fund for Xes to be introduced in the curriculum of schools worldwide.

They said they too would set up at least one million specialized schools which will teach the techniques of nothing but Xes.

‘Xes is for the masses. It should be learned by children from the school level. After following it, you will forget all about sex,’ a press statement from the guru’s office said.

Rival sex guru Salil Kumar said from Madras in south India, ‘It is nothing but sex, read backwards. Shetty is a conman who gets high on grass. Please do not believe in him. His therapy will lead to frustration and disappointment.’


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