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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Euro 2004 abandoned

Euro 2004 has been abandoned on the eve of the semi-finals in Portugal.

England, Spain, Germany and France have exerted pressure on the European Championship 2004 Organizing Committee after they all failed to enter the semi-finals.

The quartet said the tournament was no longer world class with unknown football playing countries in the semi-final lineup.

Portugal play Holland and Greece play the Czech Republic in the semi-finals.

England has stated that it had to be declared winner of the championship.

Top football stars, including David Beckham of England stand to lose millions of dollars as their countries have not made it to the Euro 2004 finals.

Sky Sports said it would not telecast any further games, if the tournament went ahead. A spokesman said they were not ready for poor viewer rating.

The French have said they lost as French fries were not available at any restaurant in Portugal. ‘That affected our players’ stamina,’ a dejected supporter said from Paris over the videophone.

Beckham blamed his team’s loss on Rebecca Loos, his ‘alternative wife’ in Spain, where he plays for Real Madrid. ‘I suddenly thought of Loos at the penalty shootout against France, and my shot landed in Spain,’ Beckham joked.

The Spanish team said it was a washout as the rain in Portugal did not stay mainly in the plains.


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